The King Of Fighters Destiny is SNK’s latest, and biggest, foray into the world of animation. The First Season of series which will debut in summer will start at the beginning of the franchise and adapt the first Fatal Fury game and also introduce us to 35 characters from the KOF series.

Since the reveal of the first (and only) trailer of The King Of Fighters Destiny we knew about a number of character that will appear, including Kyo, Benimaru, Goro, Terry, Andy, Joe, Mai, Geese, Billy Ryo, Yuri, Robert and Clark, with rugal having a pretty good chance of appearing as well.

Now, and just few hours before the massive KOf conference held in Beijing, where the King Of Fighters Destiny is expected to heavily feature, SNK has released the below teaser poster hinting at all the characters that will appear in the first season. The poster also confirms the Ikari Warriors leader Heidern.

KOF Destiny Characters Teaser

If we have to guess some of the characters from the above silhouettes we can spot:

Yuri – Mature – Kensou – Lucky Glober – athena -Chin – Goenitz – Kim – Choi – Rugal – Mai – Ralf and King.

The characters in the middle are tough to guess.

which other characters did you spot in the image below? Let us know in the comments section below.