KOFD Episode 5 Review

Today saw the release of the the 5th episode of The King Of Fighters Destiny. Unlike the previous episodes, today’s chapter feels more like a standalone filler episode as it focuses on the history of Geese Howard and how he became the evil bastard We all know and love. To make this episode stand out even more than the previous four, Ep5 has no CG for the, but instead uses moving artwork to advance the story.

Storywise, while still considered the shortest of the bunch, The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 5 gives us a lot of fleshed out story about Geese Howard. Not only we get to see the villain’s early years, but also get to meet a young Wolfgang Krauser, and got a good look at the Stroheim’s castle, where both Geese and Krauser grew up. The writers did a great job linking Geese’s hatred to Jeff to his feelings towards his half brother Krauser. This episode really stands out because it made Geese a relatable if not a bit tragic character that very few Video game anime adaptation ever touched upon.

The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 5 was a really a stand out side episode that feels unique both in animation and in story telling, and is a clear sign at the stellar quality this anime has offered so far. My only gripe with this chapter is the short length of the spidoes in general, since each episode comes with a 2min intro and 5min outro, today’s chapter clocks only around 5min which is kind of disappointing.

Score: 8.5/10

You can watch The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 5 Below:

  • Ionutz Fulger

    An excelent episode for Geese Howard fans such as myself, especially since the past iterations like the 92 FF anime didn t make him justice. KOFD depicts Geese as he always should have, at least until episode 9… poison subplot… arrrr!
    Not sure if a different style is a a better idea for the side stories even if I can understand the reasons behind it.

  • Ionutz Fulger

    No reviews for ep 1-4?