Today’s latest episode of KOFD gave us so much plot and eye candy that we originally have hoped for. The King Of Fighters Destiny episode 6 premiered today. Unlike last week’s chapter today’s episode is full on plot details, and introduces fan fovorite characters like the beautiful Mai Shiranui and King. Watch the full episode below, then read our short review below…er.


Story wise, The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 6 drives the series plot forward by revealing that Geese either work with, or for, a mysterious character. Of course any KOF fan knows that the mysterious “R” is none other that Rugal Bernstein. Whatever Geese nad Howard are working on certainly involves the Orochi power, the same dark power that makes Kyo feel uneasy and worried that the seal used 1800 years by the Kusanagi, Yasakani and Yata clan is getting broken.

The episode then shifts focus on Yuri Sakazaki who is now in England talking to a , not so good looking facewise, King and trying to convince her to join her in the KOF tournament. Their discussion was cut short when they stumbled upon, the beautifully rendered and portrayed, Mai Shiranui who along with Yuri and King gave some thugs what they deserved in a fun, cool, and video game accurate fight.

The thing we love about The King Of Fighters Destiny is how faithful it is in portraying these beloved characters, and this episode is no exception. Whether it is the moves, special powers, or general attitude, the ladies team feels like they popped out from the game. Animation also feels a lot smoother compared to earlier episodes.

The two things i would complain about in The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 6. First, there is King’s face which looks weird, like bad plastic surgery kind of weird. I was quite disappointed on how they rendered her face, especially compared to Mai and Yuri who both look purrrrrfect. the second thing that keeps annoying me is the short length of the episodes. while 18 minutes sounds fine on paper, when you ad a 3mn recap with intro and 5mn long outro all you are left with is 10mn. The short length really affect the momentum, and i really hope we start getting 2 episodes combined every week to give us time to enjoy the series.

What did you think of The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 6? Let us know in the comments section below.