KOF Destiny Mobile Login Screen

When SNK announced the release of The King Of Fighters Destiny anime series, they also announced a companion mobile game. Now, you may not know this, but Mobile KOF games are by the bucket and with that in mind i really did not care about this new King Of Fighters Destiny mobile, as i told to myself, it is probably another low quality cash grab experience. Boy was i wrong!

KOF Destiny Orochi Fight

So how did i end up giving this game a chance? Well while searching for some sneak peaks about The King Of Fighters Anime on youtube i came across a short preview of the game which showed some great art and promise and made me really interested in checking it out for myself. Which brings me to the rant part: finding, Downloading, and getting the game to run was a nightmare. I will go through a tutorial later on for those who wants to get into the game.

KOF Destiny Mobile GameplayBut enough of my life story and let’s talk about The King Of Fighters Destiny Mobile game. As you can expect the KOF Destiny mobile is a free to play game. But don’t let that fool into thinking it is a quick cash grab with shitty free tools while they try to force you to buy the cool features. The King OF Fighters Destiny is a beat’em up game. Think of Final Fight, but a final fight on steroids. You control your character through multiple stages beating thugs senseless. Control wise a virtual joystick is used to move your character on the screen and virtual buttons are used for special moves and supers.

KOF Destiny Kid Terry Gameplay

Much like its anime counterpart, The King Of Fighters Destiny game is a retelling on the KOF 94 while incorporating the Fatal Fury saga as well. the game opens with flash fowrad prologue showing the end of the KOF 97 as Kyo and Iori are battling Orochi. the 2 fights prologue offer gorgeous artwork and Japanese voice overs. once you complete the prologue you then go through the Fatal Fury part, similar to the anime, it opens with Terry coming back from his travels and ready to avenge his father. You get to meet Kyo, Andy and Joe, and will be able to use all of them in battle. there are some really cool stages like one where you play as young Terry as he tries to save his father, and another one when you drive a freaking car and run over Geese’s thugs (Check out the video preview i did below for more on that)

The game also offers online vs Multiplayer. Yes, you heard that right, online matchmaking! You choose 3 characters a la KOF (you need to unlock most of the cast either by grinding or paying. It is is a free to play game after all). Once you select the order of your character you engage in a battle against people online using the in-game mechanics. While it is not like playing traditional KOF fighting games i found myself having Tons of fun.

The main issue if had playing this game is the fact that is all in Chinese, with some Japanese voice overs. And since i don’t speak nor read Chinese, i could only guess what i need to do next. However, if you know your KOf history, or you are following the anime, you get a good sense of the story.

Whether The King Of Fighters Destiny Mobile game will be released in English is a mystery. But seeing how this not only the best mobile KOF game, but the best overall mobile game i have ever played, i really hope that Tencent and SNK will take the steps towards localizing this little gem.

To give you a better sense of the game, i recorded a 20mn play session on my phone and decided to share it with you. Enjoy: