KOF Destiny Spoilers

The King Of Fighters Destiny CG Anime series is currently airing on Steam and youtube. The 24 episodes first season is a modernized adaptation of the KOF94, the first game of the saga, with some Fatal fury history blended in. Thanks to the companion, excellent, mobile game of the same name, as well as reading through the credits scene, we do know some pretty spoilery things that will unfold as the series goes on. Rmemeber these are spoilers, so if you want to be surprised as the series progresses you should definitely not read this article.









Still here? Okay. These are four spoilery things we have learned that will happen in The King Of Fighters Destiny anime:

4- Angelina’s Fate:

Angelina Dying

This was a given for those of us who watched the old Fatal fury anime. And even though Angelina and Lilly McGuire (from the old anime) are two different characters, their story is pretty much the same; both are Geese’s adopted daughters, unhappy about their current status, and fell in love with Terry. It also seems that they also share their sad fate. Thanks to the KOF Destiny mobile we know that Terry will Fight Geese and in a cowardly moment Geese will take the life of Angelina in order to piss off Terry. Pretty shitty thing to do Mr Howard!

3- Goenitz will appear and will take the Yata Mirror from Chizuru

Goenitz steals the Yata Mirror

While Rugal is being set up as the ultimate boss in the King Of Fighters Destiny, thanks to the mobile game and to the series final credits we now that goenitz, a memebr of the Hakeshu, and the final boss of KOF96 will appear in the anime. And if the mobile game is any indication, Goenitz will be the one to take the Yata mirror from Chizuru (or her twin sister) as you can see in the image below. Will goenitz be also taking rugal’s eye like in the games remain to be seen.

2- The American Sports Team will be fully brainwashed pawns

The America sports team, made of Heavy D, Lucky Glauber, and Brian Battler, were always the running joke team on the KOF series. In fact they have only appeared in two games, KOF94 and KOF98, and only the former being cannon. The running gag has been that every time the american Sports team gets an invitation they end u getting beaten up and having their letter stolen from them. In KOF destiny however, the team will be fully brainwashed and experimented on by Rugal. Rugal and Geese will be using those stolen black crystals in order to increase the power of the trio and have them do their bidding in the tournament.

In the mobile game you get to fight an overpowered version of the trio while you go through a Geese Tower stage. More on that o a future post about the mobile game.

1- A young Rock Howard will appear in the show

Rock Howard

This one should make a lot of fans happy. Rock Howard, Geese’s son will make an appearance in the anime as young kid. This is confirmed by looking at the credits of any episode (Yes the one you skip every time) and you will see that a young rock Howard will indeed appear in the series. Whether this is where we will see Terry taking the young kid under his tutelage remain to be seen, but it is really nice to see that SNK is planning for the long term.

So there you have it! Which one of these hour KOF Destiny Spoilers are you most looking forward to see? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Ionutz Fulger

    4 – Predictable!!! 😀
    3 – can hardly wait to see Goenitz!
    2 – couldn t care less for the sports team, at least now they can put up a good fight
    1 – I have read the credits 😉 I hope they will do a good job describing Rock s relationship with Geese and Terry
    * A major question: where is Takuma and what will happen to his team?!