The King Of Fighters Destiny Anime is in full steam! While this week’s episode is nothing special, in fact is the shortest (yes even shorter than Geese’s one) and least enjoyable of the bunch, next week’s chapter will take the series to the next level. The KOF tournament will start in episode 11. And to get you even more excited for it, below are details of the first round of matches that we will get to see in the tournament.

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There was no facebook in 1994

We all know that The King Of Fighters Destiny is adapting the KOF94 game and tournament. But for obvious reasons the first tournament in the anime is neither called KOF94 nor it is taking place in 1994. the tournament is officially titled “The King Of Fighters World”, which the same name as this website (Yay!!!) as well as the mobile MMO currently released in China.

The first round of the tournament will take place in a closed stadium with hundreds of spectators, and the matches are as follow:

KOFW tournament brackets

Japan Team Vs American Sports Team

Fatal Fury Team Vs Psycho Soldiers

Ikari Warriors Team Vs Kim team

Women’s Fighters Team vs Art Of Fighting Team

It also seems from the preview i have seen that all these four matches of this first round will take place a at the same time. The reason i mention this is because the stadium has four rings, as you can see in the image below:

Now let us look at these match ups and try to analyze and guess what are the teams that will probably be qualified.

Japan Team Vs American Sports Team

Kyo, Benimaru and Daimon will be taking on Heavy D, Brian, and Lucky. The last time we saw the American Sports Team was when they are were being brainwashed and enhanced by Geese and Rugal. We expect this fight to be plot heavy, as we will learn the extent of the power that one can get from the Black crystals.

Which team we expect to win: the Japan team will obviously win here. No need to argument anything.

Fatal fury Team vs Psycho Soldiers Team

Now this is a fight i did not see coming. For some reason i expect that the Psycho team will fight the Japan team, mainly because of Athena’s popularity as well as the little chat Kyo had with Chin Gentsai. For the little snippets of footage we have seen we know that Terry will fight Kensou, but i am also willing to bet he will have to fight Athena as well.

Which team we expect to win: Unfortunately for Athena fans, the outcome of this much is pretty much a given. since it has been built since the beginning that Kyo and Terry will square off in the finals, which means a loss for the Psycho Soldier.

Kim Team vs Ikari Warriors Team

Kim and his criminal disciples, Choi and Chang, will square off against Heidern, Ralf and Clark. From the intro of the series we know that Kim will get toe to toe with Clark. We expect that the final of this match will pit Kim against Heidern.

Which team we expect to win: This one is a bit difficult to predict, but i will put my money on the Ikari warriors, just because of the importance of Heidern to the overall plot.

Women Fighter’s team vs Art Of Fighting Team:

england vs mexico kofwFan favorite Mai shiranui, will lead King and Yuri against Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia and Takuma. This will be an interesting fight that will finally give Yuri the chance to prove here strength against both her brother and father. This match will also be the debut of Takuma Sakazaki who we have yet to see in the series.

Which team we expect to win: The females are sure to take this one if i have to bet. Having them will only prove Ryo’s opinion of how he sees Yuri as inferior.

So which of these fights are you most looking forward to? And which special moves would you like to see faithfully shown in this awesome Anime? Let us know in the comments section below!