The King Of Fighters R Issue 7 has been fully translated. In this chapter, the Japan Martial Arts Tournament’s final between Kyo and Benimaru ends with a bang. As the fighters are recovering from the tournament, Iori makes his sadistic move.

There is only one issue left to complete The King Of Fighters R comics series translation. Once that one is complete we will tackle the King Of Fighters Zillion by Andy Seto.

I was hoping to have more done at the same time but due to the high costs of translation, and the very limited budget, things will go a bit slower than originally hoped. Please remember that the KOFworld is a fan made site, and i am paying for these high translation costs myself. if any fan out there can help, either by doing some translations or donating, we will be very grateful. accepts donations via paypal using the link below:

You can read The King Of Fighters R Issue 7 at the KOF R page. you can also read our other translated KOF comics by visiting the KOF Comics Page.

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