It has been over a year since The King Of Fighters XIV was released. And while the game is still making the news with high level quality gameplay and tournaments, KOF fans like us cannot stop thinking and speculating about what it is to come next. This forward thinking was also fueled lately by KOFXIV producer “Yasuki Oda” who stated that SNK is “convinced that The King of Fighters XV will be a reality” – source

So we that out of the way lets state our Top 5 things that we want to see in The King Of Fighters XV (KOF15) and two things that we absolutely do not. But first, let me be clear that this list will not include things that are obvious, something like a good netcode is no longer a wanted feature but a MUST. Same goes for balanced cast. Ok, with that out of the way, here are KOFworld’s Top 5 most wanted things in The King Of Fighters 15:

1st Thing We Want: Simultaneous release on all major consoles and PC

When KOF14 was released it did so as a platform exclusive to the PS4. While i am a proud owner of a PS4, i truly believe this was a big mistake as SNK was only targetting one playerbase (even though a big one). Things were worse when SNK decided to release a PC version almost a year later on the same week as Tekken 7 (BAD MOVE).

When KOF15 is released it needs to be on all major platforms and PC at the same time. Missing that global release window will hurt the overall sales and popularity of the title. Add to that KOF is a niche game, especially in the west, so having the game available to all those interested is a must.

2nd Thing We want: Cross Play between different consoles

Having KOF15 release on all major platform is a great first step, but one that will be only successful if SNK implements Crossplay between them. Capcom has done this before with Street Fighter V and Namco followed suit with Tekken 7. Because KOF’s audience is relatively small compared to the these mentioned titles, diving this small playerbase is a big mistake. Just look at how empty the KOF14 online lobbies on Steam. With the recent rumbling that Sony and Microsoft are talking about cross platform play between their consoles (source), we definitely want to see The King Of Fighters XV use this feature to keep a healthy playerbase going.


3rd thing We want to see: Cell Shaded Anime like Graphics

When The King Of Fighters XIV was first shown to the public, let’s just say that the visual impressions it has gotten were not very kind. People used to the 2d Sprites and the gorgeous new animation of KOFXIII were very disappointed


 to see the game taking a fully 3D model route. Things got better with the graphical patch upon release but let us be honest, KOFXIV is not a good looking game. I know that you, me and everyone who grew up in the 90’s will hope that KOF15 will have 2d hand drawn sprites, but the fact of the matter is that it won’t. A great compromise that will make everyone happy is for SNK to adopt the 2.5D Cell shaded art style. this is the same style first shown with Guilty Gear XRD, and then perefcted in the upcoming Drangon Ball Fighter Z.

The KOF franchise always felt very anime inspired, and using anime like cell shaded art style will only bring more newcomers to the series, much like how so many gamers are interested in the upcoming Dragon Ball fighter Z even though they are not really into fighters.

4th thing we Want: More Robust story Mode

KOF14 story mode

I am pretty sure i will get a lot of heat for this one, since as you know the common saying: “who plays a fighting game for its story???” well you would be surprised. I for one think a good story adds depth to the game experience make it more fun and interesting. A fighting game with a story mode was a wishful thing back in the days, but thanks to Netherrealm studios who shook the market with the Mortal Kombat reboot, every fighting game now offers some sort of story mode. In fact, KOF14 tried to do the same, excepte that the King Of Fighters XIV story mode feels more like an arcade mode.

With the KOF franchise known for its interesting and complex, yet coherent, story, it would be really a shame if SNK did not invest in well thought story mode that offers more than a “What if scenario”

5th thing We want: Stage Intros making a come back

Okay, there is a reason why this is at the bottom of the list. That reason being is that this one is for nostalgia factor. The 35 Year old me who was awed in front of the KOF94 cabinet at those unusual stage intros want that feature back. the Stage intros were a staple for the series from KO94 to 96. They were toned down in 97 and 98 and then completely removed from KOF99 onwards.

The One thing We do Not to see back: Easy combo

Okay. I understand the reasoning behind adding the Easy combo in KOF14, so that newbies can do flashy combos just by pressing the square button over and over again. But seriously, not only is it useless and annoying when they come out accidentally, but trying to make a technical fighting game into a mashable phone app like game is really not the way to get new fans. I believe SNK should invest in making these characters more recognizable (using media, anime, Comics, movies etc), and also make extensive tutorials that could be fun for new players!

What did you think of this list? Is there anything you would add or remove from it? Let us know in the comments section.

  • fsfsxii

    I believe cross platform gameplay is a useless feature, as fighting games on other platforms die within weeks, check the Tekken 7 community on pc, its was barely alive when the game launched, and it died soon after that. Meanwhile, Tekken Tag 2 on PS3 is still relatively alive, and has been populated for the past 5 years.
    I rather the developers allocate their budget elsewhere.

    • KOFworld

      But doesn’t that make the community even smaller? I mean if we have each console has 10 kof15 players, wouldn’t it be better if instead of being a player base of 10 people to be in one with 30?

      • fsfsxii

        The problem is that, those 10 people are already on ps4, as indicated by KOF13 and 14, where each of those games had a pc release, but people keep playing the playstation version instead of the others.

  • Zeast Zaselim Shah

    No no 2d gfx, i want more detailed 3d gfx. If not like Tekken 7 then atleast 2.5d like street fighter V with KOF smart looking character Style ofcourse.