As you all probably now by now, three out of four new King of Fighters XIV DLC characters have been officially revealed. Vanessa joined Yamazaki and Whip as the upcoming addition to the roster. We only get a glimpse of characters capabilities in their reveal videos, but SNK decided to show us a bit more and released gameplay videos for Yamazaki and Whip showing them fighting other characters. It isn’t much since the videos are quite short, but hey, better something than nothing. You can check the both gameplay videos below.

Whip vs Ralf

Ryuji Yamazaki vs Jou Higashi

Vanessa gameplay video still didn’t surfaced, but we expect it to come out soon as well. Vanessa’s introduction wasn’t the only big news that we got this week related to King of Fighters XIV. Yesterday, some solid rumors started circling online about Rock Howard being the 4th and final DLC character. Now, although rumors tend to be often false, this one was backed with hard evidences. The major clue was the picture of KOF XIV character select screen showing Rock Howard as a playable character. In case you have missed the news, you can read it in detail if you follow this link.

And of course, tell us what do you think about Yamazaki and Whip gameplay videos.