danke kit 2017 finals

Danke is a person who has proven himself to be skilled in more than one fighting game, even just at this tournament alone, managing a top eight finish in his Street Fighter 5 run at KIT against some big names in fighting games, while winning a completely different game, without even considering that the mechanics of the game cause you to need to master three characters at the highest level to play in a tournament like this, and a competent level to even play the game online. Fighting ones way to the top eight of King Of Fighters is an extreme feat to do with that game as ones main focus, given just how unforgiving mistakes in the game can be, especially if we note that the combos shown were all at Stunfest, and not just impractical lab shenanigans.

Still, difficult or not, Danke punished his way into the top eight with a team of Meitenkun, Benimaru and Zarina, bringing down runner-up’s TerryBogard’s (The player) team of Terry Bogard (The Character), Kensou and Kula, twice–Leaving no doubt that he was the superior player between the two of them. Even if his defeat of TerryBogard wasn’t enough to cast away any doubt of his skill, he had decidedly not-close matches against fellow competitor and top 8 participant Day1combos and many others. ¬†If nothing else, he’s made sure that his name will remain known in the FGC for quite some time with results like this across two games and managing victory in such a radically different one from the norm.

Danke has shown extreme patience, space control, reaction speeds and knowledge of the neutral this weekend, and has displayed what high level King of Fighters looks like, if you haven’t watched any of it, I recommend giving his KIT run a look.

You can watch the entire Top 8 finals in the video below, or skip to around 5:00 hour mark to watch the grand finals:

Congratulations to the winner of KIT 2017 – KOF, Danke.