We already knew SNK will come up with a surprise after KOF XIV World Championship ends, but we didn’t know it will be this good. First, a new DLC Classic Costume for Iori will be released on 23rd February. In the spring we will get DLC Costume Kula Diamond Sundress, DLC Costume Sylvie Little Red Riding Hoood, DLC Costume Angel Diabolo and DLC Costume Meitenkun Pajamas (our favorite so far). Check the costumes below.

That is not all. New stages will also be available free for all users. Last and most important surprise is that we are getting New KOF XIV DLC Characters. We didn’t get their names yet, but the details will be available in March. You can check out the video from the announcement below, courtesy of Fighters Generation.

The rumors immediately started circling around about the new KOF XIV DLC characters. Some concluded that there will be 3 characters, while others see 4 characters in the silhouettes. When it comes to names, among the fan favorites are Vanessa, Yamazaki and Rock Howard. SNK really got us on our toes, and the March now seems really far. What do you think about these surprises? Did the SNK stepped up it’s game? Share your thoughts with us on FGCnow.com

  • Le Perique

    Gimme Yashiro , i dont care about anyting else. 🙂