We are slowly getting impatient to find out details about new KOF XIV DLC characters. Since they were announced on KOF XIV World Championship, we didn’t get anything solid. Now, producer of The King of Fighters XIV, Yasuki Oda, obviously felt the pulse of the fans and decided to reveal that we will have more information on new KOF XIV DLC Characters next week. You can check out his tweet below.

The rumors of course started circling around about the new KOF XIV DLC characters as soon as the silhouettes were revealed. While some fans concluded that there will be 3 characters, see 4 characters. When it comes to names of the characters, among the fan favorites are Vanessa, Yamazaki and Rock Howard.We will see next week did they get their wish fulfilled.

Also, the DLC costumes that were also announced started coming. The King Of Fighters XIV Classic Iori DLC Costume was released on 23rd February alongside DLC Costume “CLASSIC KYO”. Four more DLC costumes should come during the spring alongside the new stages. All we can do is conclude that SNK is really cooking some special Spring for all the fans of KOF. What do you think, are you excited about all of this? Share your thoughts with us on FGCnow.com

  • Le Perique

    Yashiro please!!!!