Good news, everybody! We got a King Of Fighters XIV Patch 1.12 and it is all about making the game better than before. After the highly anticipated visual upgrade patch, that meant world of difference in terms of graphic, hit the consoles, it left a bitter taste. While the visual part of the game was exceptional, the part with the bugs and stuff wasn’t received warmly. SNK rolled their sleeves and quickly addressed the issue with Patch 1.11 and now King Of Fighters XIV Patch 1.12. If you want to know the changes that the patch brings, check out the patch notes following this link. Here is the confirmation of the release.

One more great news. Players who are located outside Asia can now acquire the new DLC costumes for Nakoruru and Shun’ei. Unfortunately, as we said before, they are not free. Each of the costumes will set you back $2.99. It is up to you to decide does this purchase makes sense. The opinions are somewhat divided at the moment, but listen. SNK was more than fair offering plenty of stuff free. So, if you like the costumes, buy them. If not, save your money. It is up to you. In case you didn’t check them out, here is the preview of them below.