The thing we all waited for since PlayStation experience is finally here. AsĀ of today, you can download King of Fighters XIV 1.10 Update for free from PSN. This visual patch is available for all of the players that have the full King of Fighters XIV game and speedy internet connection. The patch is around 3.7GB in size. KOFXIV 1.10 Update is mainly aimed towards improving the visual experience of the game.

The upgrades are in terms of shading and lighting changes. Also, the update is increasing the number of color variations from 4 to 6 for all characters. This came after the fans pleaded SNK to increase the number of color variations. It looks like SNK is doing a good job in listening to the demand from fans. If you don’t own the King of Fighters XIV, but you are thinking about it, check the trailer for the update below. It may help you make the right decision.

We already have the chance to check out the update thanks to the demo that SNK released towards the end of 2016. Now, we finally are ready for the real deal. The update will surely be a big hit since the King of Fighters XIV was praised for the gameplay and the content of the game itself but was panned because of the poor looking graphic.

SNK tried to make up for it by giving fans a lot of gifts like PS4 themes and DLC free costumes, but this one could be the most important one. It is crucial for the game to look good since it still seeks it’s place among competitive fighting games. Will this King of Fighters XIV 1.10 Update finally unlock the potential that the game has? We would like to hear your opinion. Tell us below in the comments.