There is a special feeling to the arcades, especially when we talk in terms of fighting games. If you remember the old arcade fighters with nostalgia, then we have something exciting for you. King of Fighters XIV Arcade version will soon be available. The information first appeared last year when it was announced that  King of Fighters XIV Arcade version will be on the NESICAxLIVE 2 system. Since then, SNK was shy with the information but there is an information that KOF XIV Arcade Version will be exhibited at JAEPO 2017 Taito booth from February 11 to February 12. There will be some special guests including KOF Progamer [SANWA] M’ . This comes from reliable KOF source, so you know its legit.

We hope that there will be more detailed infos after JAEPO 2017, so stay tuned if you don’t want to miss them. In other King of Fighters XIV related news, Patch version 1.12 is out. With this patch and 1.11 patch, it looks like everything is sorted out and we can finally enjoy the game properly. Also, new DLC costumes for Nakoruru and Shun’ei became available for the rest of the world, after they have been exclusive for Asia. You can get them right away, but unlike some previous DLC content, these costumes will cost you $2.99 each.

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Nabil, AKA Strugler, is an old time fan of the fighting games genre. Born in the early 80's Strugler got to experience the rise (and fall) of the Arcade scene, and learned the hard way to never mash buttons in order to win the last third round of a Street Fighter II match.
  • Le Perique

    Im my country (El Salvador) we used to have an “Arcade culture” back in the 90s decade and a early 2000’s.
    I guess home consoles killed that culture, i remember the last arcade fighting game that came here was Tekken 5.