The things SNK announced on the recently ended KOF XIV World Championship got us really fired up. Today, they have started delivering on their word by releasing The King Of Fighters XIV Classic Iori DLC Costume. You can check the confirmation tweet and the trailer below.

This however isn’t everything that SNK had in store for us today. Besides classic Iori DLC Costume, DLC Costume “CLASSIC KYO” was also made available for download today. You don’t believe us? Well take a look at this.

Of course, this is just the beginning of the big things we hope for from SNK and the King of Fighters XIV in the future. Four more DLC costumes should come in the Spring including DLC Costume Kula Diamond Sundress, DLC Costume Sylvie Little Red Riding Hoood, DLC Costume Angel Diabolo and DLC Costume Meitenkun Pajamas. Also new stages free for all users were announced alongside new DLC characters. There are no information about the characters since the full details will be released in March. We only can speculate that the characters in question could be Vanessa, Yamazaki and Rock Howard. But hey, don’t hold us for our word. All in all, good work SNK, keep on delivering more of the same.

  • Le Perique

    Both costumes (Kyo and Iori) look really good!