kof14 manga image

It is such a great time to be a King Of Fighters fan. Not only we have the ability to play one of the best titles of the franchise, in the form of KOF14, but SNK and the company that owns them are really pushing for all things KOF related. An example for that is the currently ongoing The King Of Fighters Manga, which is being published online on a weekly basis.

However, the little issue is that most, if not all, of these great projects are in Chinese, which makes it difficult for us, Chinese-illiterates, to enjoy these projects, but that is about to change.

While we have to wait until summer for the stunning looking the King Of Fighters Destiny animated series, you will not be waiting long to enjoy the The King Of Fighters XIV Manga as we are in the process of translating the first 8 chapters that have been released, and will be translating new ones on the same day of their release.

Look forward for a new translated chapter everyday starting today!