KOF 14 Release date and box art revealed!

SNK-Playmore were not kidding when they said tons of new information will be revealed today. The king of Fighters XIV just received two new trailers revealing tons of content as well as the release date.

KOF XIV will be released exclusively on PS4 on July August 23rd in North America and August 25th in Japan. No news yet for the rest of the world.

The first The King Of Fighters XIV Trailer released today goes through a number of game modes that will be available when the game launches. The choice is massive, with fully fledged story mode, survival, mission mode, gallery (with tons of awesome SNK artwork) and of course Online. The latter includes 1 vs 1 and 3 players vs players online battle as well as Online training. The trailer also gives us our first look at the entire roster (minus the bosses) including fan favorite characters like Goro Daimon, Yuri, Ramon and even Samurai Shodown’s Nakoruru (adding more fuel to the Samurai shodown Revival rumor).

The second trailer is more inline with the weekly teasers we have gotten used to. this latest one showcases Nakoruru and new comer Shun’ei. the latter is described as key story character for this new chapter of The King Of Fighters Saga. Check the two awesome trailers below:

The King Of Fighters XIV releases in North America On August 23. Pre-ordering the game now will get you exclusive access to the classic Kyo costume DLC, seen in action below:

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