If you still didn’t manage to catch all the changes that the newest update brought to the game, you can check King Of Fighters XIV Ver. 1.10 Patch Notes SNK released. Although the changes were meant to be purely cosmetic, improving the game’s visuals, there were some other changes that may have gone under the radar. We also know that the color variations will increase from 4 to 6 per character, but what else is there?

Here are some of the most important changes below, and you can read them in full here.

– In the case “Random” or “Team Random” is chosen in member selection,
characters and teams will be chosen randomly every match.
– It is now possible to save the PLAYER 2 settings in Button Config.
– The addition of more than 50 brand new profile icons. (all icons will be automatically unlocked after the update)
– The addition of more than 100 brand new titles.
(one title will be unlocked per online match after the update)
– There are now 16 “Crowd Sound Effects” available on “Free march”.
(some controls have also changed)
– The addition of a “Random” stage selection feature for registered stages in online profiles.
– Online connection functions improved.

One more important feature that we learned about from patch notes is that the game can even look better. King Of Fighters XIV Ver. 1.10 Patch Notes say that there are adjustments made for graphic improvements on PlayStation®4 Pro. This is surely an amazing thing since it will bring 4K experience to fortunate KOF players who happen to get their hands on PS4 Pro. It looks like the sky is the only limit.