The King Of Fighters XIV Wallpaper

Yesterday, a news about potential KOF XIV DLC characters began circulating and some KOF fans already started speculating who the character might be. Unfortunately, the rumors appeared thanks to the fact that Ali213 misunderstood KOF XIV producer Yasuyuki Oda. Instead of the new KOF XIV DLC characters, Oda announced the new KOF XIV DLC costumes. We know, that isn’t just as good, but it will have to do. The DLC costumes will probably be out towards the end of January and will be for Shun’ei and Nakoruru. You can check tweets from Gatoray and 李臻三(MOJO82) for clarification below.

As the SNK policy goes, these DLC costumes will be free for a month like the DLC costume for Athena and KOF XIV PS4 themes. But, the most precious thing we got from SNK in these past few months is 1.10 patch that raised the KOF XIV graphics on a whole new level. It is encouraging to know that the game will look better on PS4, but twice the better on PS4 Pro, since SNK made sure that the game supports 4K.

However, things didn’t go so smoothly as expected, since the patch immediately caused some problems. The game disconnects when entering Online Mode after changing “Icons” or “Titles” in My Profile. It is reported that the company is working on a fix, and everything will be sorted out soon. Until then, don’t change anything, or it could hurt your reputation.