Remember when we announced that new KOF XIV DLC costumes for┬áNakoruru and Shun’ei will be available in January? Well that was while ago, but we were right since they’ve appeared today. Now prepare for the bad news. These KOF XIV DLC Costumes are only available in in PS Asia(Korea, Hong Kong etc.). Nakoruru’s DLC costume is Kamuikotan Girls’ School Uniform while Shun’ei’s DLC Costume is Kung-Fu Suit Uniform. They cost $2.96 each. You can check the costumes below.

We still don’t have the news about when the DLC costumes could appear in the rest of the world. It is highly unlikely that they will remain an exclusive for Asia, since that wasn’t SNK’s practice in previous cases. We did however hoped that these costumes could be free like the one for Athena or PS4 themes that appeared earlier.

SNK is working hard on making their newest patch better and in working order. KOF XIV 1.10 patch brought significant improvements in terms of graphic but it also contained some issues. Few days ago, improved 1.11 patch was available for download and it should fix the majority of problem. SNK quickly announced another patch, that will take care of further issues that appear in the game.

  • Le Perique

    Costumes are great, but why not release costumes for all the chars?

  • robbiefilth

    Wow, double bummer, only in asia and paid…. Don’t turn into Capcom SNK!!! + Le Perique, I’m sure more costumes will come, from a business view they don’t want to release everything in one go, they want to keep people interested by adding bits and pieces over time. I thought that was pretty common these days…..

    • Kind of Surprised that is paid DLC to be frank. Not good looking costumes anyway. A pass for me!