We believe that those of you who own the King of Fighters XIV already downloaded the long anticipated King of Fighters XIV Patch 1.10 that brought a facelift to the game. If by any chance you failed to do so, or worse you don’t own a game, you can see just how much the visuals in the game have changed thanks to YouTube user drawohkan. Check out his comparison video below.

The great thing is that the game can even look better. As we mentioned in one of our earlier articles, the game isn’t just about to look great on PS4, but according to the official patch notes, will offer even better visual experience on PS4 Pro. The King of Fighters XIV will be one of the first games to use the potential of the new console and we are sure the rest will soon follow.

SNK really spoiled us with all the surprises over the past couple of weeks, and our appetites have surely increased. Between this visual improvement and all the DLC free content, it looks like SNK is determined to raise the bar for a whole new level. We are also looking forward to KOF World Championship that will happen soon, and it could be the first major test to show us how much did the game progress since it’s release. Do you approve the moves SNK is pulling so far? Do you like King of Fighters XIV Patch 1.10 and the upgrade?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.