SNK isn’t playing around. They have promised us a quick fix of the bugs that patch 1.10 contained, and today they have delivered on the promise. On their official Twitter profile, SNK announced that The KOF XIV Patch 1.11 is available for download. Here is the tweet below.

You can also read the patch notes including all the changes. For the PDF version, click here.

  • Fixed an issue where the game will consider the player to have disconnected from an online battle if they change the display settings for “Icon”, “Title” or “Rank Match Fight Record” on “My Profile” screen.
  • In addition, as a measure against the issues described above, we have reset all completion rate and disconnection penalties. Thank you for understanding.
  • Fixed an issue where “Search”, “Entry” and “Room Creation” online features did not work fully.
  • Fixed an issue where the trial completion results did not display properly.
  • Readjusted the efficiency of some characters’ skills from the Ver.1.10

The KOF XIV Patch 1.11 isn’t the only one SNK intends to release. After the announcement of this patch, they have also announced a 1.12 patch that will fix some further issues.

With all the effort SNK is putting into their game, it looks like there are brighter days coming for the King Of Fighters XIV. Let’s hope they will keep up the pace.