Street Fighter V was not the only featured fighting game during the Playstation Experience. In Fact a brand new trailer of The King Of Fighters XIV premiered showing new characters in action in the form of: Ralf, Kula, Angel and Billy Kane. The trailer also seems to confirm the leaked roster we reported few weeks ago. Interestingly, the brand new KOF14 trailer also shows some graphical improvement to  the game. something fans have been extremely vocal for.

Check out the trailer below:

  • GreatMeat

    Finaly, the return of Angel! One of the best underrated KOF fighters ever. 🙂

  • Mr Mantra

    Graphical improvement? What graphical improvement? LOL Game looks like shit. I miss the days where kof was the stylish and prettiest of the bunch.

  • Mad_Monkey

    Leona looks like a plastic sex doll i once ha… umm saw. Minus the round mouth of course.