Since the announcement, and release, of the Sony’s Super charged PS4, known as the PS4 Pro, fans have wondered when will their favorite fighter get on the 4k and upgraded graphics train offered by the extra power of the new console. Well, it seems that SNK will be the first Fighting Games company to use that extra juice as they have announced that The King Of Fighters XIV will receive a major visual upgrade soon. While no release date of this update was given, the updated visuals will make their debut at this week’s Playstation Experience event.

We clearly do not know if the game will feature 4k graphics and HDR, but if the following released images are in any indication then it sure seems to hint that way:





For comparison’s sake, below are the same characters doing the same above poses but this time from the current version of the game:

KOF14 Kyo Before PS4 Pro Update

KOF14 Xanadu Before PS4 Pro Update

KOF14 Sylvie Before PS4 Pro Update


Quite a big leap! It goes without saying that prior to its release, The King Of Fighters XIV visuals were a controversial topic, and were ridiculed by fans for bad they look. Some people even compared them to the old Maximum Impact games of the Ps2 Era. While the game turned out fantastic in terms of gameplay and content, the visuals were a big miss, especially when you compare them to the likes of Street Fighter V. We are glad to see that SNK was listening to fans all along, and have decided to use the momentum of the PS4 Pro release and its extra power to give us a visual upgrade that fits with the awesomeness of the gameplay.

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