SNK-Playmore has just released a new The King Of Fighters XIV Teaser that reveals a bunch of new details about the game. First things first, a new character has been announced in the form of the wacky looking Sylvie. But do not let her wackiness fool you, as Sylvie seems to be more than capable of handeling her own in the KOf world. The new teaser has also confirmed both Vice and Kim as playable characters. Both characters look stylish and are a welcomed addition to the massive KOF14 roster.

New characters are not the only thing the new The King Of Fighters XIV Teaser Revealed. We also got our first look at couple stages that are populated with spectators. One stage in particular looks like a remake of the Fatal Fury Team stage from Kof96.

Watch the teaser trailer below:

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  • streetfighterdude

    Looks pretty decent for a playstation 2 game.

    • Destruktor2k


      i myself think the graphics look much better than the first teaser. Things are definitely improving.