In the aftermath of the King of fighter XIV demo’s release, we’ve all jammed as many games as possible in the time since release, but do you know the background for the characters available? The very ones you have and will be using during the long wait for late August? Let’s meet them, all seven King of Fighters XIV demo characters.

  1. Kyo Kusanagi- Kyo is representing Team Japan, and is the heir to the Kusanagi clan. Despite his personality, he is a talented fighter that has an ongoing rivalry with Iori Yogami, from Team Yogami, and has an affinity for regular fire. Kyo is the protagonist of the series and was in every game since the first KOF94.
  2. Iori Yagami– Iori represents team Yagami, and is the last descendent of his clan. Iori continues the Yagami and Kusanagi clan feud, which has raged for more than six centuries. He has an affinity for a holy flame technique, capable of more than traditional fire. His family, formerly known as Yasakani, changed their name when the made a deal with the evil deity Orochi. Iori has been in every KOF game since his first appearance in The King Of Fighters 95.
  3. Shun’ei- Shun’ei is the demo’s representative for Team China, who will be a major part of the story of King of Fighters XIV, he is a debuting character. He has an affinity for mutual control of ice and fire, and fights with a Hakkyokuseiken style; which is the same style that Tung Fu Rue taught Terry Bogard and his deceased father Jeff.
  4. Mai Shiranui– Mai is the demo’s representative for Women Fighters Team. Mai has a strong pyrokinetic ability, along with ability to glide in the air and manipulate shadows. Mai returns to King of Fighters XIV with long term teammate King, and new teammate Alice. Her first debut was in fatal fury 2, and she is the fiancee of Andy Bogard.
  5. Sylvie Sylvie Paula– Representing Team Official Invitation, she is a master of electricity, and one of the last remaining pieces of NESTS.
  6. Nelson– Nelson stands as representative of Team South America, and as a boxing expert with a prosthetic arm, hoping to punch his way to the top. He will be debuting in King of Fighters XIV
  7. King of Dinosaurs– King of Dinosaurs is a representative from Team Mexico, he is known for his strength based grapple game, he will stick to you hard if you let him, and punish you abruptly. He is a heel wrestler with incredible skills. While it is unconfirmed, rumor has it that he is Tizoc in disguise.

These seven King of Fighters XIV representatives of their teams are your first vessels to experience King of Fighters XIV, and are great ways for you to get into the story, and teams available.

The King Of Fighters XIV Demo

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