Are you excited about KOF XIV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP as we are? Since now, we didn’t have plenty of information about the event since SNK decided to be rather quiet about it. But today, they have shared some info on their official page about  KOF XIV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP including the dates.

The finals of the event will first take place in Tokyo Japan, on February 18th, 2017 with 16 players around the world will  determine who’s the strongest four players. After this FOUR KINGS TOURNAMENT, the grand finale will take place in Beijing, China. The date hasn’t been established yet, but it is believed it will be mid March.

SNK will take upon themselves all the trip and accommodation costs and of course there will be valuable prizes for the top players. If you forgot how the trailer looks like, check it once again.

As we said before, SNK is working hard to put KOF on the eSports scene, and their success depends on this tournament. If everything goes well, we could see something like a Capcom’s Pro Tour, but with KOF. I don’t know for you, but to me it sounds great.

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