KOF14 Sylvie After PS4 Pro Update

If you thought that with Akuma, PlayStation Experience started and ended, you are wrong. There were many exciting news, and one of those is a new trailer for King Of Fighters XIV Version 1.10. SNK said earlier that the update mainly centers on improving KOF XIV’s visual appearance with a brand new lighting engine. You can consider it a facelift if you wish. We already brought you some of the examples for the upgrades but this new trailer for King Of Fighters XIV Version 1.10 is taking things on a whole new level.You can check the full trailer down below and already start with the hype.

With that new improved visuals, we will get some additional character colors as well in January, 2017 when Version 1.10 is set to launch. Since the visuals of KOF XIV were not received so warmly, we are definitely assured that SNK made the right move. One of the things that benefited to this update is also PS4 Pro that allows the users to fully experience amazing graphics. Don’t worry there is no need to pay since this will be a free update. Note that Garou: Mark of the Wolves also releases today. You will be able to read about it in detail here on Hadoken.net

Source: shoryuken

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