Did you recovered from the reveal of Vanessa as the new DLC character for KOF XIV? Well, ready or not, here comes one more big news. It looks like Rock Howard is next in line to fill out that 4 piece silhouette. Now, we must warn you that his isn’t official, but there are some strong clues that make it very plausible. The first one is the picture of KOF XIV character select screen that surfaced online today and shows Rock Howard as a playable character. Check out the picture below, courtesy of CrazyBob589.

The second clue is the Facebook post of SNK’s Yasuyuki Oda, that was posted shortly after. Check it below.

Obviously he isn’t happy about something, and there is a strong possibility that the post is directly connected to the leak.

Another clues is something we have repeatedly said on FGCnow. When the footage of 4 DLC characters silhouette appeared, we didn’t know who they are but using the rumors and fans’ wishes, we guessed that they could be Vanessa, Yamazaki and Rock Howard. Now, when Whip was revealed, we thought we striked out big time. Then Yamazaki was announced and after him Vanessa. So, if we were right about the two, why wouldn’t we guess the third one as well? Still we won’t celebrate too soon and we will wait the official announcement that may well come next week.