kof14 rock howard dlc

It seems those early KOFXIV DLC leaks were accurate as SNK has announced that Rock Howard is joining the massive cast of The King Of Fighters XIV as a DLC character. The announcement came attached to the below breathtaking gameplay trailer for the character:

Rock Howard is a fan favorite that was requested by fans on multiple occasion and for multiple games.

Rock is Geese Howard’s only son. The character made his fist appearance in Fatal Fury’sequel Garou: Mark Of The Wolves. Story wise, after Geese’s death at the hand of Terry, the latter discovered Rock in the Geese tower. Feeling bad about killing the youngling’s father, Terry took Rock under his care and trained him in the art of fighting. Rock’s story in Mark of the wolves involved the character looking for clues about his mother who turned out to be sister of Kain (the game’s final boss).

With Geese still alive and kicking in The King Of Fighters XIV, it might mean that Rock’s original story has been retconed, or simply his appearance in the game is not canon.

Gameplay wise, Rock’s style is a fusion between Terry and Geese. He has his father’s Repuken, counter moves, and raging storm; as well as Terry’s crack shot, burning knuckle and Rising Tackle. Each of these moves are slightly varied compared to Terry and Geese and in no way Rock feels like a cheap copy. In fact his fast gameplay and quick special moves has always made Rock a worthy fighter.

Rock Howard is the fourth DLC character set to join The King Of Fighters XIV. The other announced characters are Whip, Yamazaki, and Vanessa. The DLC characters for KOFXIV will start becoming available for purchase this coming April along with free new stages.