SNK has held a contest recently in the middle east, where fans get to compete for adding a character of their creation the King Of Fighters series. The winner of the contest is a middle eastern man by the name of B Mashael for his new Saudi woman character named “Najd” which you can see below:

Najd is a Saudi Muslim student who wears an abaya that she uses as a weapon because it’s possessed by a demon called Halek, which means “extreme darkness.” The demon can appear while fighting, and disappear after launching attacks.

Speaking about his creation, the young artists had this to say: “The design of the “Abaya” makes her movement very easy. She wears a pair of modern design long leather gloves and boots to decrease damage, and the appearance of her skin while fighting.
She also wears “Hejab” (veil) on her head, but sometimes it falls down while fighting or making a strong move and she will put it back fast on her head after that. She also wears jewelry and a golden belt decorated with blue stones.”

Announcing the winner, The King Of Fighters producer Oda Yasuyuki, has revealed that Najd will officially join the King Of Fighters series, while also praising the artist’s talent and attention to details.

When we will get to see Najd remains to be seen, but it probably is during the next chapter of the saga, The King Of Fighters XV which SNK is probably already working on.

The Contest also included a “best Stage” design, and the winner piece can be seen below:

kofxv stage

Are you looking forward to see Najd in The King Of Fighters XV? Let us know in the comments below!


  • BenjaMan64

    She looks pretty interesting. I don’t play KoF anymore, but if I return one day to it, I’ll try her out.

    • KOFworld

      If you dont mind me asking, why did you stop playing KOF?

      • BenjaMan64

        I’m not very good at fighting games. When I played Marvel Vs Capcom 3 on the 360, I could just win around 2-5 matches out of around 60… and thanks to time out.

  • I like how she wears a hijab and covers her skin and how this is a positive thing and not shunned as a negative thing.

    • KOFworld

      Totally agree. We had enough of the islamophobia in recent years and it is good to see game developers taking the right steps to change that, at least in the video games world.

  • Hvd

    boycotting this crap i dont buy kpf anyway.trump 2020.