While we were awaiting for an announcement of The King Of Fighters 14 announcement, it was announced that the SNK playmore has been fully acquired by the Chinese company Ledo Millenium. The Chinese company officially announced the acquisition today and making sure to show their interests in the SNK series of IP, directly citing the “Marvel Formula” as the basis of how they are tacking the different series. The Marvel Formula, for those of you living under a rock, means using different mediums to build a cohesive world. Just like how they made different Superhero movies then combined all the characters into the Avengers movie, which is also part of the same world where the ABC Television series Agents of Shield, and Netflix’s Daredevil happen to exist.

The Chinese company then made it clear  that they are interested in producing games, Anime, comics and movies based on the vast number of properties previously held by SNK Playmore. Ledo Millenium will be paying a whooping $63.5 million to acquire 81.25% of SNK Playmore’s shares directly from SNK’s former CEO Eikichi Kawasaki and his wife.

So while you might wait a bit longer for KOF14 expect to see Kyo, Iori and the rest of the gang in television, animes, movies and comics soon!

source: Dream Cancel,