The King of Fighters as a title has been very underrated. The release wasn’t very highly anticipated (I had to look up when it had been released AFTER the fact), it wasn’t marketed very much at all, which turned out to be a bad thing, since it sort of fell into the shadow of Street Fighter V, and even Blazblue Central Fiction, and there are some people who weren’t even aware that there was such a thing as a special edition of the game titled the, “Burn to Fight” edition. Still, none of this has slowed down the King of Fighters community any, as they still march on.

For example, several tier lists have been created for the considerably large cast of the game, detailing everything from character power, to what characters aren’t even considered competitive. These tier lists have been run against each other by high level fighting game players in the community to somewhat work out a consensus about the strength of the characters in the 50 character roster and despite the tendency for high level players to disagree about some facets of most games, it would appear that great minds thought (Mostly) alike in this situation as their tier lists run mostly parallel to one another.

These tiers lists are all of course, subjective and opinionated, based on the experiences and analysis of players Romance, Kcopedro and Frionel Tier, but there’s a lot to be said for how closely the tiers lists sit. Still, despite how close the tier lists are, it’s always possible that they’re completely off base. it happens more often in fighting games than any other arena that lower tier characters rise off of the back of player loyalty and results, and with the King of Fighters World Championship coming up, these tier lists will be put to the test.

I’ll leave the Tier lists below for your enjoyment:


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