The King Of Fighters World Logo

It seems SNK is really pushing for the King Of Fighters brand to touch all aspects of multimedia. After the success of The King Of Fighters XIV, the announcement of an KOF Anime and Live Action series, the resurrected gaming company has now announced The King Of Fighters World, a free 2 play MMORPG for Android and IOS.

Not much has been revealed about the title except that it has a rich story and will be released in summer, first in china, then worldwide. It was also announced that the development is being done by SNK japan. You can check the announcement trailer, which shows a beautiful cgi below:

Watching the trailer above we cannot help but wonder if the game’s story will be a retelling of the KOF 94 or even the Orochi saga, since Kyo seems to be donning his KOF94-98 costume and the invitation letters have the “R” stamp on it hinting at Rugal, the early and memorable boss from the early games.

This will not be the first time The King Of Fighters has adventured in the land of MMO fray, in 2009 Thailand based company, Gamefly, announced The King Of Fighters Online, a beat em up style mmorpg. The game will then go to be totally overhauled before its release and became a free to play MOBA. The King Of Fighters Online had only a limited Thai release in 2013 before it was officially shut down and cancelled. But since this time it is SNK that is developing The King Of Fighters World, chances are the game will be worth checking out.

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source: SNK