Gameplay wise The King OF Fighters XIV seems like it is on the right path. With fast action gameplay, smooth mechanics, and 50 characters, KOF14 seems like a true sequel to the famed fighting game franchise. Visually, however, the game has an early build look to it, which made many fans question the decision to show the game in this early of a state. Well as it turns out the game is not as in its early cycle as we thought. In fact according to a Famitsu interview with SNK-Playmore, The King Of Fighters XIV is about 70% done.

The interview does not reveal anything substantial besides that there will be some opportunities of players in Japan to test the game, much like how some North American players got to try in during the Playstation Experience.

The King Of Fighters XIV will be released in 2016, exclusively on PS4. Make sure to follow us on twitter @hadokendotnet for all the KOF14 related news.

Source: Famitsu

Special thanks to reader GreatMeat for the head’sup!

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    “Special thanks to reader GreatMeat for the head’sup!”

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