SNK didn’t lie when they said there will be a lot of new content for KOF XIV fans. Among the many new additions to the game, including the highly anticipated visual update, there are some neat PS4 themes that are a must for any KOF lover. Today, we got 2 more.

The first one is K’ & Kula and you can check it out below.

You can also check the second one, titled Yagami.

They are both available from the PS store, for free of course. You have links provided in the video descriptions.

There are plenty things KOF players can look forward in the future. SNK released The King of Fighters XIV demo version 1.10 that will be available in full on January 11th.Demo has 7 playable characters and the new changes can be tested in Versus, Tutorial or Training mod. The demo looks truly stunning. Also there was a Christmas surprise, when DLC costume for Athena, classic KOF ’98 version costume became available alongside special PS4 themes with KOF motives.

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