The great thing for KOF players happened when SNK decided to release KOF XIV ver. 1.10 Patch and make the game visually more attractive. All the things that patch supposed to do were there, but it did bring some major bugs like disconnection glitches that couldn’t be ignored. SNK didn’t just sit down watching the patch they have been working on for so long, getting in the way of players playing the game.

SNK promised that they will fix the bugs soon, and it looks like they will keep their promise. Today, they have announced on their official Twitter profile that updated KOF XIV ver. 1.10 Patch will be out soon and that they “have finished development on a new patch, which has been submitted and is under review.” You can check out the tweet below.


SNK didn’t just worked on the patch update, they have been active on other fields as well. Recently they have announced The King Of Fighters World, a free to┬áplay MMORPG for Android and IOS. Although, the company was shy about the information, they have revealed that the game will have a rich story. The King Of Fighters World release should be expected on summer in China, and then worldwide soon after that. What a time to be a KOF fan.

  • Hopefully that will address the unable to join room issue. I have yet to join a room since the graphical update.

  • robbiefilth

    “free 2 play” – Free TO play looks a little more professional if you’re going to be writing articles….