The silhouette of 4 new characters that will join the King of Fighters XIV roster is almost complete. Today we have found out that the newest addition to the game will be Vanessa. The first encounter KOF players had with the character was The King of Fighters ’99 Evolution when she assumed the role of Striker. She became playable in The King of Fighters 2000, joining the Hero Team. Vanessa was the first female character that used boxing as her fighting style in the series and one of first females in the whole world of fighting games that was a boxer. Let’s now quit the talking and watch the trailer below.

The first new DLC character for KOF XIV is the Whip and she will become available on April 5th and will cost $5.99. The second character to join the game after Whip will be Ryuji Yamazaki although we still didn’t receive information about the date.

There is still one character to be revealed besides Vanessa and if it is to judge by SNK’s reveals, we shouldn’t wait long to find out its identity. Also, expect info about the release dates of new DLC costumes and stages that were also announced on the KOF World Championship.


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