Finally, we have found out one of theĀ  new King Of Fighters XIV DLC characters. Producer of The King of Fighters XIV, Yasuyaki Oda announced that we will have some info about the upcoming characters this week, and SNK didn’t disappoint. The new addition to the King Of Fighters XIV roster is Whip. The name suits her well, since she uses a whip as a the part of her fighting style. Are you anxious to see her in action? If yes, you can check the reveal trailer below.

She was first introduced in The King of Fighters ’99, when she joined the Ikari team as a new member. According to the official Wikipedia entry, “her fighting style is based on Soubenjutsu, the Japanese martial art of the use of the whip and also takes inspiration in other kinds of whip fighting“. Now, there we have it. One down, and three to go. There is still time for fan favorites Vanessa, Yamazaki and Rock Howard to join. Or maybe SNK has something else in mind.

At this moment we don’t know the release date for the character and the price. To find out more details, we will probably have to wait for a few days. If you don’t want to miss them, make sure you follow