Forget about what we said yesterday. SNK didn’t want to play any games and following yesterday’s announcement, revealed Whip release date. The character will join the King Of Fighters roster on April 5th. Besides the release date, the character’s price was also revealed and it will be $5.99. You can check the official confirmation tweet by Atlus USA (game’s publisher for the region of North America) below.

If you didn’t manage to catch the character’s trailer yesterday, here is the chance to do it now. You can check the trailer for Whip below.

Whip made her first series entry in The King of Fighters ’99, joining the Ikari team as a new member. According to the official Wikipedia entry, “her fighting style is based on Soubenjutsu, the Japanese martial art of the use of the whip and also takes inspiration in other kinds of whip fighting“.

Of course this isn’t all we will see from SNK regarding KOF XIV in the future. There are three more DLC characters coming, alongside exciting new stages and bunch of DLC costumes. It looks like SNK has made a goal of spoiling us and we don’t mind.

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