The King of Fighters and Street Fighter are among the oldest franchises of 2D fighting. They are both Japanese-born 2D fighters with histories stretching back to the beginning of the genre. We have to say we love both games. They are both appealing and fun to play, and we are happy that we are able to play the both franchises.

Both franchises had their newest installments released in 2016. Street Fighter V hit the market in February 2016 and was immediately praised for its graphics and gameplay.  However it was criticized for its lack of single-player content, characters and unstable online performance at launch. The King of Fighters XIV was released on August 23 in North America, August 25 in Japan, and August 26 in Europe being praised the fighting system due to how would appeal to newcomers. The criticism was aimed t the 3D characters models.

The King of Fighters XIV and Street Fighter V are simultaneously played by gamers all around the world, but everyone has their favorite. Today we found which franchise Xiao Hai, currently in the Top 10 best Street Fighter V players in the world, prefers. We have to say we were surprised.

Reddit user AsterBai posted an interview with Xiao Hai in which he said that he thinks Street Fighter V is better than Street Fighter IV, but also that he likes The King of Fighters XIV more. He thinks it is more fun!

To make things even weirder, apparently he said it on the official Capcom Street Fighter V interview. Some would call it a slap in the face!

If you don’t believe us, check it for yourself here.

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