I bet you didn’t expect this. SNK just came ahead and revealed the 2nd DLC character for our beloved King of Fighters XIV. It is Ryuji Yamazaki. We didn’t receive any further information about the character, but at least there is an official trailer. It features Yamazaki demonstrating some pretty respectable kicking skills, all accompanied by his creepy laughter. Check it out below.

After Yamazaki entered the King of Fighters XIV roster, we now know 2 out of 4 DLC characters that will round up the exciting Spring for KOF XIV fans.

The first DLC character revealed was Whip, and we already now have some detailed information about the character’s release. She will join the King Of Fighters roster on April 5th. Besides the release date, the character’s price was also revealed and it will be $5.99. As we previously mentioned on numerous occasions, since the SNK revealed that there will be 4 characters available as DLC, fan favorites were Vanessa, Yamazaki and Rock Howard. One down, and two to go. But, on the other hand, this could be pure coincidence. We will have to wait and see.

Also, besides the DLC characters there will be lots of other content like costumes and stages. It is so good to be KOF fan. So stay tuned up to have all the news as soon as they get out.