KOF14 Sylvie After PS4 Pro Update

Although the official update for The King Of Fighters comes on January 11th, demo version was released earlier today. Head to PSN and download the demo so you can get a taste of the update before it is officially launched. Demo has 7 playable characters and the new changes can be tested in Versus, Tutorial or Training mod. For those of you who still didn’t manage to download the demo, you can see the way it looks in a video below.

SNK said earlier that the update mainly centers on improving KOF XIV’s visual appearance with a brand new lighting engine. There will be of course some additional content. SNK has been carefully listening to the fans and players so they have increased the number of color variations from 4 to 6 for all characters.

Earlier, KOF players also got a nice Christmas surprise. Alongside DLC costume for Athena, classic KOF ’98 version costume, special PS4 themes with KOF motives are available for download on PSN. You guessed it, they are free but just for a month, so you need to get them as soon as possible.

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