As you have probably found out by now, new DLC content has been made available for KOF XIV and you can download it now. Alongside DLC costume for Athena, classic KOF ’98 version costume, special PS4 themes with KOF motives are available for download on PSN. You guessed it, they are free but just for a month, as KOF XIV producer Yasuyuki Oda revealed yesterday. In a blog posted on PlayStation, he also discussed upcoming KOF XIV Ver. 1.10 update.

The update will be launched on January 11, 2017 and also there will be a special Demo Ver. 2 available for players before the official release so they can get an early taste of the updates. SNK has been carefully listening to the fans and players so they have increased the number of color variations from 4 to 6 for all characters. We are sure there will be some more interesting changes until January. Also, the update will be seen on the upcoming The King of Fighters XIV World Championship event that begins with the “Four Kings Tournament” in Tokyo (Akihabara) on February 18, 2017.

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